Logic TV Everywhere Registration

Frequently asked questions

Please read the following FAQs before proceeding with Logic TV Everywhere Registration:

1. What is TV Everywhere?

Logic is proud to partner with content providers to deliver their content to its subscribers. TV Everywhere is a collection of online video streaming services for live and on demand programming. TV Everywhere harnesses the quality content providers have built through their TV networks and delivers online programming to viewers through a rich, interactive, and easy-to-use experience.

2. Do I have access to TV Everywhere?

TV Everywhere is available at no additional cost to all Logic cable television subscribers who receive respective content provider's channels as part of their TV subscription. Presently, your cable subscription must include some of the following channels/packages for access: ESPN, Max and Music Choice.

3. How do I know if I am currently receiving applicable services as part of my cable TV subscription?

Tune to the following channels for the Cable TV system that you’re currently subscribed. If you’re able to view the channel, you are subscribed to service and have access to TV Everywhere.

  LogicTV (Fibre) Wireless (Cable TV)
ESPN 502 40
Max Pack 601 - 608 501 - 508
CSport (in Premier Sports Pack) 531 - 533 207 - 209
MLB Extra Innings 541 - 554 N/A
Music Choice 940 - 989 901 - 950
TFC 835 190
4. Can I watch TV Everywhere from anywhere?

As a general rule, TV Everywhere services can only be streamed using an Internet connection originating from the Cayman Islands. It is up to the content providers to define and enforce limitations on geographic locations where content is available, so some content may be available for streaming outside Cayman Islands. For more information please consult relevant information pages on content providers' portals.